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A Unique Approach to Connecting
Clients With Consultants

TASconsulting refers consultants; we don’t simply list them. Perform a search or submit a project. Our referral specialists will promptly put you in touch with the consultants you selected, suggest appropriate experts for your project, or offer additional options. We provide ongoing personal service to ensure your satisfaction. Should you decide, after interviewing the consultants we refer, that you require additional referrals, we will restart the process. There is no charge for our services unless you hire a consultant TASconsulting refers to you.

TASconsultants are available in:

  • accounting
  • appraisals
  • architecture
  • business
  • chemistry
  • computer fields
  • construction
  • employment
  • engineering
  • environment
  • finance
  • insurance
  • manufacturing
  • media
  • medicine & healthcare
  • patents / copyrights / trademarks
  • pharmaceuticals
  • transportation
  • and many others!

  • A large corporation needed a consultant to review & assess the scope and potential relevance of its patent portfolio to the retail and finance industry...
  • A municipal employee union requested an unbiased professional to review and evaluate health insurance proposals prior to contract negotiations...

TASconsulting offers a vast, diversified network of outstanding, independent professionals for short- or long-term projects. Search our database of profiles and categories, or submit your project details, and we will refer superior consultants who meet your criteria.